@SocialCoop Looks like our instance is a few versions behind! Are there plans to get upgrades installed? (Among other features, I'm looking forward to @keybase verifying my account.)


@harris @SocialCoop While I know matters are governed democratically, it's ambiguous to me who even officially administrates this instance πŸ€”

@canonicalbrud @harris

These are great questions! We have a tech working group and a community working group.

Currently the community working group (CWG) moderates the instance and manages intake of new members. There are three of us (@mattcropp @Matt_Noyes and @emi with two vacancies)

The tech working group is headed by @wu_lee who has been looking into doing an upgrate soon.

We'd love more members to join the WGs. Check out the loomio page for more info! loomio.org/socialcoop/

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