Anyone have any connections with fansub or any translation communities?

Me and my friend want to start a to help people do and fund translations of all sorts, especially subtitles.

Anyone interested in participating in any way let me know.

Below is an article outlaying the idea of the :


I'll reach out to you in more detail but would love to fund your translations through a coop like this :)

@Matt_Noyes @LeoSammallahti I've done subtitles a few times, and I'd be happy to do them again. I've even done subtitles in languages I don't speak!

@Steve @Matt_Noyes

Great, I will be in touch within few months when we have move forward a bit!


Indeed. Unfortunately we haven't been able to find a client base for The Copy Team.

I do have some experience in this space, including prototyping a project very similar to yours @LeoSammallahti called Babelizer back in 2007. Of course I didn't know about platform co-ops at the time, and it definitely sounds like a good candidate for such an approach!

@mayel @neil

I'll be in touch when we have made some progress - should happen within a month.


Haven't finished it yet, definitely interesting stuff so far.

We have made contact with GuerrillaTranslations and they seem interested.


Stacco seemed to be interested, will be in contact with them for sure.


That's no problem! Are you Mastodon often? When we progress a bit we would love be in touch, say in 1 - 2 months.

We can also email you if you would prefer that :)

Like I don't sub but I seen some groups uploading on nyaa and other groups it's probably best see if they have irc or other contact
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