Co-op question, for people who are in one or have been in one that works:

I've seen a couple that want to have core values but also seem to want to include literally anybody.

How does this work, exactly? I'm coming from experience as one of the ppl weeded out by "include everyone, even assholes" norms, since they result in ONLY including assholes and those unimpacted AND indifferent to assholes (AKA more assholes).

So how do co-ops have standards? Genuine question.



Worker coops have their own procedures. I suppose pretty much the same as any other workplace, but with other workers having more say on who is hired.

With consumer coops like credit unions, theres less interaction with other members so having assholes is less of a problem.

But people who take care of their finances cannot basically be kicked out of consumer coops afaik, so in that sense theres no safeguards against assholes joining.

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