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Let's get some things straight...

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@Antanicus there is truth in the bottom representation but also the top one.

Entrepreneurs often oppose state whilst socialists often favour an increased state.

To illustrate just think of their relative positions on regulation and state-owned public services

IMHO there are advantages to the
entrepreneurial preference against top-down direction

@NOiDEa are you familiar with libertarian socialism, a la Benjamin Tucker, Emma Goldman, Kevin Carson? is a good source of modern commentary in that vein (albeit specifically market-oriented, so exclusive of most specifically libertarian communist views like those of Emma Goldman).

@NOiDEa corporations are dictatorships by design. Top-down mentality IS enterpreneurial mentality

@Antanicus with you in your corporate criticism but I wouldn't necessarily conflate them with entrepreneurs (who could be sole traders/co-ops)
Do I say this after making sweeping generalisations about all socialists being pro-state? Yes; hypocrisy on this level you have to have a certain begrudging respect for.
On the subject of hypocrisy-if we are criticising corporations because they are dictatorships, should we be objecting to criticism of religions- which are also dictatorships?