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Antanicus @Antanicus

OT. I booted 17.10 off an USB yesterday to see what it's like and.. my god does it look awful. Guess I'll stick to my 16.04 installation for a bit...

@Antanicus why follow all the bad experiments by Canonical?

@charlag is actually pretty good. It has drawn much hate but it's mostly undeserved, if you ask me. I'm still pissed at them for the whole Unity 8 thing though..

@Antanicus it's not malleable enough for me, tbh. But if you like defaults it may be okay I guess. Just remember that you have no obligation to use it (or use older software because of the DE)

@charlag I don't mind defaults, when they are well executed. The whole customization criticizm is a tad overblown in my opinion: how many times does one change your DE layout in a lifetime? Three? Four? Changing icons and effects gets old pretty fast... Just see what happened to and

Older software is a problem though, though PPAs help mitigate it a bit

@Antanicus I'm not talking talking about changing icons but mostly about what you need ergonomically. I agree with you.

@charlag I hear you. When I first tried Unity back in Ubuntu 11.10 I was so shocked I moved to :D Then, after having my pc bricked by a pacman -Syu (it was about the time when they migrated repos every two days) I decided I've had enough and moved back to Ubuntu. Unity was surprisingly good by the time I got back though, so I stayed

@Antanicus yeah, I had my time with Arch as well. I'm on OpenSUSE Tumbleweed now and it's very stable for rolling. Had some minor problems with sound and login but they're mostly gone. Ubuntu should be reasonably stable I guess.

@Antanicus I'm pretty happy with Linux Mint and the Cinnamon desktop