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Just in: 15.5 billion Euro worth of gets every year in alone, 77% of which (12 billions) is wasted by the end consumers. We don't need more industrialized , we need less waste.

@Antanicus It's especially obscene when dispossessed countries feed rich countries, sometimes producing twice or three times the food that's needed by their own population, but commodity prices regulated by "the market" almighty forces the people of the country who produces the food into deprivation and horrible hardships.

@Antanicus @h If you're interested in taking direct action or know people who are, check out the in-development #foodsaving app!/landingPag which is being done by some friends of mine.

Riding on the wave started by Foodsharing (Germany) the idea is to provide direct connections between those with excess, mostly stores, and any individual willing to take it for personal consumption/to gift.

I believe that this is a systemic solution, since it always desirable to produce some excess.

@douginamug @h interesting stuff, thanks for sharing! As always, the best solution is people self-organizing :)

@Antanicus @h @douginamug
...yet so many civic silo plattforms and ppl keep wondering why fb still gains all the network effects.

@paulfree14 if it was easy, it would be done already 😘

@paulfree14 @douginamug I believe that is false.
Like there is often trash to find in nature. To clean it all up might be difficult. But to just stop trowing the trash into the nature is simple. You just need to stop being ignorant.

openId, irc, xmpp, email-lists, is nothing we have just since yesterday.
You can integrate it into pages and tada, simple crossplattform communication.

@douginamug @paulfree14 I believe ppl just want to be the once developing this new shiny thing everyone likes, that they become very much self-centristic and forget about the 10.000+ other civic plattform dev. doing simliar work.

it's like repeating each other without bringing much new value.