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"(...) human beings are, in the words of an article in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, “spectacularly unusual when compared to other animals”. This refers to our astonishing degree of (...) We have been induced by politicians, economists and journalists to accept a vicious ideology of extreme competition and individualism that (...)encourages us to fear and mistrust each other"

We are altruists by nature, don't let the capitalist elite tell you otherwise.

@amsomniac Hypernormalisation is the one that's been recommended to me repeatedly. I haven't seen any I don't think

@Damage @amsomniac thanks for bringing this up, I'll add it to my to-watch list :)

@Damage Century of the Self is my fave. Hypernormalisation is amazing and sorta prescient. I watched The Trap recently and it is also pretty good, though he revisits a lot of the same themes.

@Antanicus Including capitalists, and in my experience other statists of various othet faiths as well.

I will repeatatly boost this, until everyone in the fediverse has read it!!!

@Antanicus It's not the capitalists who mocked George HW Bush for his 1K points of light but the socialists who believe that, left to their own devices, humans wouldn't help each other. Socialists, lovers of authoritarian state power to force everyone into their vision for the ideal society, are the ones who peddle this tripe, not capitalists. Just as they do with identity politics.

@Antanicus I think if you polled a group of confirmed capitalists and a group of confirmed socialists, the former would agree with your statement about altruism and the latter would explain how you're wrong and how the state should mediate the problems of the selfish human nature.

@rockthrower I think if you at least looked up the definition of socialism in the dictionary you'd avoid posting stupid comments