So I'm thinking there's now a pretty strong argument for gender quotas in the standing jury and other positions of influence to try and de-brocialise the running of the place a bit. Ideally we'd see representation from a cross-section of marginalised groups without such measures but I think we have to get the scaffolding in place first. governance 


Yes. We need to pick this up or start over:

Quotas in operations are necessary. We also need a strategy for dialogue and collaboration with people who are under-represented. governance 

@Matt_Noyes @captainbland I think the most important place to prioritize this is in the composition of the forming CWG operations team, which will be responsible for implementing/enforcing our policies. As our first compensated body, we can be more intentional than when relying on volunteer do-ocracy, which has self-selection effects.

To facilitate this, I'm leaning towards the idea of electing a hiring committee w/ this as a key piece of their charge. governance 

@mattcropp @captainbland

Intentional is right. Maybe instead of a hiring committee, an organizing working group that can deal with this and related issues? You can see I am trying to stick to a horizontalist approach. Maybe more use of sortition? I really see this an an organizing problem more than a structure problem. governance 

@Matt_Noyes @captainbland for this particular case, I was thinking the hiring committee would serve for just this task and dissolve (rather than being a permanent body), and would put it's decision to the broader WG for ratification. governance 

@mattcropp @captainbland Right. I am not dead set against this. I am just not so comfortable with the "hiring committee" framework. We are not hiring people, we are organizing our community work and now have the ability to compensate (a tiny bit) the labor involved.

Follow governance 

Agreed, the word hiring looks definitely out of place in this context.

@captainbland @mattcropp

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