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#funfact: I haven't seen people calling him nazi ( maybe there where a few) but the most have called him supporting fascists through be part of spreading their message.

And in this video speaking about I'm not altright or altleft just tells you from what sources he's influenced.
Alt-left is a narrative shaped by fascists.

Which just means he's again spreading their thoughts into progressive channels

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my friends took me to this strip club for my birthday once

i walked past it yesterday and i realized that their logo is very similar to alpine linux

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so do you believe all these reactions came out of nothing?
fascists have run massive campaigning to descredit anti-fascists. And yes with your video you're supporting this.

antifa is not an organisation.

In a responds to your last toot, you're implying not being pro-fascism. Is it false if I asume you're against fascism then?
Some people call it anti-fascism if one is against fascism.

@InspectorCaracal Mars is the only planet we know of that's entierly inhabited by robots

#FunFact : les images de #WemaWema ont pile le bon ratio pour s'afficher complètement dans la timeline Mastodon 😀

I finished re-reading "The Conquest of Bread" yesterday mid-flight, but I still had two hours to go. So I dug into my e-book library hoping to find something I still had to finish reading and I quite casually stumbled upon an edition of Mommsen's "History of Rome" which I must have purchased and forgotten god only knows when... Fantastic stuff, it reads like a thriller!


- T'es pas tout seul sur la route.
- Les vacances c'est fait pour se déstresser
- La voie du milieu ne t'est pas réservée
- La voie de droite n'est pas de la lave, on ne joue pas à Floor is lava, tu peux rouler dessus
- Je n'irai pas plus vite si tu me fais appel de phares
- Tu peux te laver les mains quand tu viens de pisser ou autre sur une aire
- La politesse c'est pas pour les chiens, les gens qui te servent et nettoient sont des humains.
- Accessoirement, je t'emmerde putainkon

@eribloodlust : you can replace with any Silicon Valley company and the toot will still be correct

@wion @RunningInCircles you are probably thinking about the phone. It's an interesting device, but it's totally outdated by now. : the design team behind the Jolla project is basically the same that designed the

@dixongexpat I have at least 30y of work ahead of me and yet my IDGAF symptoms are already damn strong...

@IcyGrillz @_SierraKiloBravo_ @lwdallas @sam_cw_leung @Knight_of_the_First_State @Lordimpala @awesome @ProfWorr @Grimericano @fastknight @panda_monium @ChrisWilson @yukiame @Combaticus @YoVinnie no worries! Got your snacks yesterday. Gonna stick it to the man and ship some of my favorite Florida beer. Make sure you wear a hoodie and keep checking your 6 when you pick it up. I'd send you some fresh fish, but it wouldn't keep in USPS flat rate box... And #funfact I'm a Canadian too!

: the people complaining about how state control is bad and how evil communism destroys competition and leaves people with no options to choose from are the same people who happily embrace and even defend the iOS/Android oligopoly that destroyed the "free market" and killed off all possible competitors in the cradle.

#FunFact : Quand vous dites bujo, je le prononce à l'espagnole dans ma tête et ça sonne très fort comme « bourreau » et ça me fait mal que vous vous infligiez ça ^_^

#FunFact aux alentours de mon appartement il y a un fichu piaf QUI FAIT EXACTEMENT LE MÊME CRI QU'UN LAPIN CRÉTIN.

Cherche amateurice d'ornithologie pour m'indiquer de quelle espèce il s'agit.

#FunFact Oregon is home to the World’s Largest Pig Hairball (St. Benedict, OR) And it just happens to look like Trump's hair, if you spray painted it gold.

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#FunFact mon 4000eme jinx est un DM très lewd et mon 4001eme jinx est un DM nude.

Et pourtant je vous JURE que je suis demisexuelle.

: the word "persona" (from which the english word "person" is derived) means "mask" in Latin.

#funfact: the basic functionality of the internet should be messaging and filetransfer. both still not really working in 2017.