@J12t It came up as an offshoot idea during the campaign and in a FB group on platform cooperativism. @mattcropp and @mayel were at the inception & know more.

@J12t collectively emergent from the campaign and the larger milieu, I'd say.

"? Doing It For Ourselves on !"

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@emily @mayel @tbeckett @ntnsndr one other thing this makes me think about is the timing of recruitment vs. infrastructure building. We used the vote as our initial "deadline" to hack together something workable, and since then user growth has been informal network/word of mouth for the most part.

A key question is whether to hold off on recruitment until we get more org infra built up, or if there are communities we should invite into that work now(ish).

And yes I am aware of the quest to #BuyTwitter

To which I say, "good luck, but I'm not gonna be your Sancho Panza."

@emily @Steve @mattcropp I genuinely can't remember if I did or not... Worth checking out the hashtag on the birbsite.

@emily @Steve @samtoland I think it was Sam who was having a conversation with someone on Birbsite who might've been inspired by the concept?

@alxcndr @amsomniac @weirdoslam @Cocoron

It's a very good question, variants of which have been debated all the way back to arguments over the morality of .

Many supporters have different motivations, but my thinking is of the campaign as a strategy. Raise awareness with a reformist campaign & offer an alternative to people who see their reform hopes frustrated.

@transfaerie @cnc in fact, our instance exists as something of a spin-off of the campaign for those of us interested in building it now... 😉

Got close to 5% of the vote last month for our shareholder resolution calling on to do a feasibility study on options for converting to user ownership. @ntnsndr's article in the Guardian back in the fall really kicked the campaign into high gear.

@douginamug well I'm on #gnusocial cause of prefering the UX.
I can join and send toots into a groupstream, can follow hashtags, bookmark searches, see what's trending.
On the long run I guess I will stick to #hubzilla and #friendica.
But like to play and promote #gnusocial and #mastodon for the moment cause it's very similiar to twitter. so ppl from the.other.side might be more willingly to join here. ...also cause oft the #buytwitter campaign.
Mastodon seems to build up a nice community. so guess also a good choise to just be there.
(sometimes I.need to use mastodon, cause the federation between gnusocial and mastodon as sometimes.some.issues)

Over the course of the past few months I've become a true believer.

I'd tried the platform in the past, and had found the single voting tool () to be too limiting to be useful for most of my projects.

I returned to it via , and right around that time a bunch of new voting tools were added and it's utility increased an order of magnitude. I'm now active in 7 projects on the platform, and now see it as essential for participatory online organizing.

@samtoland Yes! I was debriefing with Danny Spitzberg afterwards on the phone, and my point to him was that the mobilization of the movement institutions in support of in the final days of the campaign was the initiative's biggest accomplishment.

They tend to be naturally institutionally conservative, so it took a nudge to get them thinking in this directions, but now they are starting to get the vision, and might start seriously supporting it now... :)

I'm just boosting this image from the ICA re:

While the movement has a long way to go yet - I felt like this was a key moment. I truly believe that without support from across the co-op movement no significant projects will get past proof of concept stage.

We need co-op alternatives to VC financing.

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@corpgovnet @sandhawke @maiyannah @matteodem @ghedipunk @simonv3 @ntnsndr

Most of the experience in the conversion world is with privately held companies as an alternative to going public or sale to PE, so the strategy would look quite different than , but I do think trying to divert private tech co.s from is a strategically rich opportunity.