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The main argument for conversion vs. startup has been , which has been a huge barriers to previous attempts to knock out & , though I think the affinity-based instance design of offers a pretty effective mechanism for N-E bootstrapping.

happy to share that established co-operative in the UK - the - has announced a Foundation to support co-operative innovation (including ) led by their departing CEO, Vivian Woodell

Vivian is a serious entrepreneur who is clearly innovation and future focused - and gets the importance of the movement (has supported projects already).

And show a bit of love if you are on :

@transfaerie @cnc in fact, our instance exists as something of a spin-off of the campaign for those of us interested in building it now... πŸ˜‰

Got close to 5% of the vote last month for our shareholder resolution calling on to do a feasibility study on options for converting to user ownership. @ntnsndr's article in the Guardian back in the fall really kicked the campaign into high gear.

There we go.

We now have a MastodonProject birb account, so we can help verify that you are you, and answer some questions on birbsite.

What are toots called on birbsite?

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I think it's great that the whole fediverse seems to have spontaneously decided that birbsite shall only be referred to as and never by name