"(...) human beings are, in the words of an article in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, “spectacularly unusual when compared to other animals”. This refers to our astonishing degree of (...) We have been induced by politicians, economists and journalists to accept a vicious ideology of extreme competition and individualism that (...)encourages us to fear and mistrust each other"

We are altruists by nature, don't let the capitalist elite tell you otherwise.

the overall situation of mankind makes me feel less altruistic at the moment...

remembered me on the study I once heard or read about about the oscillating ratio between altruistic and egoistic behavior of an apes community regarding lousing each other...

I really want to read the original paper and check whether my memory on this topic is correct.

#todo #checktthefacts #altruism #egoism #society

True #altruism seen in chimpanzees

'...trained 6 chimps at the Leipzig Zoo to play a sharing game. Each chimp was paired with a partner who was given a choice of 4 ropes to pull, each with a different outcome: give just herself a banana pellet; give just the subject a pellet; give both of them pellets; or forgo her turn and let her partner make the decision instead.

Unbeknownst to these partner chimpanzees, the chimp that always started the game... was trained to always choose the last option, giving up her turn. From the partner’s point of view, this was a risky choice... as Tai risked losing out entirely on the banana pellets. Over dozens of trials, after Tai gave up her turn, the 6 partners pulled the rope that rewarded both themselves and Tai with a treat 75% of the time, indicating they valued her risking her own treats to help them...'

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