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lieber @coop_ch@twitter.com, gehts noch verlogener? Das Wahlreglement so verschärfen, dass es unmöglich ist, die ca. 150'000 Unterschriften in 15 Tagen zu sammeln, und dann sagen: nein, oh, es sind keine alternativen Wahlvorschläge eingegangen. Ist Coop bei Xi Jinping in die Lehre gegangen?

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Ist der Klimastreik eine Terrororganisation? Gemäss der neuen Definition sind wir das vielleicht. Verrückt, oder?

Unterzeichne darum unbedingt das Referendum dagegen: willkuerparagraph.ch/

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Julian Assange’s partner Stella Morris at the central criminal court to hear if the judge will order extradition of @wikileaks@twitter.com founder

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“The activities that engaged in are activities that journalists engage in all the time. We wouldn’t have information without them”
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will hear the verdict on his extradition to the US today twitter.com/StefSimanowitz/sta

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Wir haben Coop bei der Beschwerdestelle des Zivilgerichts Basel eingeklagt. Coop verstosst mit der Verschärfung des Wahlprozederes gegen geltendes Recht, das eine Mitbestimmung der Genossenschafter*innen zwingend vorsieht.

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Live look at the White House bunker where Trump is trying to stop the counting of ballots.

The internet remains undefeated...

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Registration for the Caux Forum Online 2020 is officially open: ow.ly/2eg150zYN7o! From here, you can access registration to:

@in_ethical@twitter.com, @CauxDialogue@twitter.com, Creative Leadership, and @T4C_IofC@twitter.com !
Join us online from 25 June to 19 July!

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YPJ General Command Statement on the ‘Capture and Inhuman Treatment of YPJ fighter Çîçek Kobanê’
“Our injured comrade’s life is in the great danger. This is obvious from the brutal videos which have been spread by the jihadist gangs completely openly before the eyes of the world

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It is still possible to join us for the Edible and Medicinal Wild Plants Workshop on the June 29-30 weekend at @synergiehub@twitter.com on Mont-Soleil - Tell anybody that might be interested!

Reminder: The Fair Ecosystem Gathering is starting these days. If you intend to participate in the FairHackathon, let us know you are coming wiki.fair.coop/en:tech:fairhac

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Conference and round table discussion about , the global movement for civil disobedience to fight the destruction of the biodiversity through unhindered climate warming, at as part of 2019, June 12, 19h30

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Don't miss the Fair Ecosystem Hackathon from May 31st to June 9th in Switzerland. We'll agree on a common roadmap for the next 2-3 years across many fair economy projects. fair.coop/de/blog/come-to-the-

Come to Espace Noir in St-Imier this afternoon at 16h: We'll watch Commander Arian followed by meetings with Avin Sewaid of Kongreya Star, the confederation of women's organization's in and Khawla Alissa Alhammoud, speaker of the women's council of ! Don't miss that chance, see this blog post as an example of the relevance of blog.fair.coop/en/impossible espacenoir.ch/~ch/index.php?vi

RT @ParaKeta@twitter.com: Lina Berekat: & mercenaries use methods in . Their practices against women remind of the age of ignorance. Their message is : "We will break your will, we will destroy your revolution". But women did not bow & did not step down their resistance.

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