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That felt like baby human is articulating it's first words.

The beginning of the first global civilization.

Das Buch zu OpenSource von 2016 hatte ich noch gar nicht aufm Schirm:

Die Welt reparieren. Open Source und Selbermachen als postkapitalistische Praxis

Der autoritäre Planet - Prof. Rainer Mausfeld im Interview

„Im Kampf gegen Machtkonzentration, Demokratieabbau und Totalüberwachung reicht Empörung allein nicht aus"

neoshamanic music 

Love to Kamtschatka!
Love to the Earth!

Cyber Love by OLOX:

Spritual practices like and are means that contribute to development of consciousness.

It's the same consciousness called class-consciousness.

Know your position on mother earth.


My beloved You
let the chauvinist idea vanish in eternity
so that each conscious being can realize
it's cosmic origin
to allow them
to become us

Medication with is the probable cause of unproportional high death rate in certain areas related to .

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@anneroth Auf gibts auch professionelles BBB-hosting von zwei IT-coops aus dem CCC-Umfeld :)

auch mit Soli-Preisen für Gruppen mit wenig/ohne Budget.

Anselm Lenz a protagonist against gets arrested in Berlin on Mai,1st during distribution of a newspaper and cries for help:

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