I just stumbled across this software to power food co-ops, I don't have any use for it myself now

It seems to be concentrated around Germany/Austria, maybe should get some wider use, seems to be in active development over a sustained period of time.


Our friend @yova has been working on the Solidbase project. They did an assessment of software that could be used for food coops / community supported agriculture which looked at foodsoft



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Hmm, coactivate.org seems to be down. What a pity, would have love to see your research on this @strypey !

I just reworked the summarizing text: solidbase.info/recommendations

I also compared foodsoft with foodcoopshop and openfoodnetwork for university (german): datengarten.allmende.io/s/iHpo

> coactivate.org seems to be down.

It's back up now. Seems to get slashdotted every time I link it from the fediverse ;) I intend to migrate to self-hosting this year. Suggestions welcome for anything to do with hosting a wiki and blog, ideally AP-compatible ones.

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thanx for the hint to buckybox.com/ . Didn't know it yet. Seems to be used frequently in NZ?

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@yova ae, that's where it was developed. They were original #Enspiral member companies. Not sure who's working on it these days or where they're based.
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