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Der autoritäre Planet - Prof. Rainer Mausfeld im Interview

„Im Kampf gegen Machtkonzentration, Demokratieabbau und Totalüberwachung reicht Empörung allein nicht aus"

neoshamanic music 

Spritual practices like and are means that contribute to development of consciousness.

It's the same consciousness called class-consciousness.

Know your position on mother earth.


Medication with is the probable cause of unproportional high death rate in certain areas related to .

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@anneroth Auf gibts auch professionelles BBB-hosting von zwei IT-coops aus dem CCC-Umfeld :)

auch mit Soli-Preisen für Gruppen mit wenig/ohne Budget.

Anselm Lenz a protagonist against gets arrested in Berlin on Mai,1st during distribution of a newspaper and cries for help:

Im Zuge der Corona-Krise hat sich ein Bündnis mit dem Namen Coview gegründet. Es setzt sich mit den politischen und gesellschaftlichen Auswirkungen von COVID-19 auseinander. Es geht um solidarische Vernetzung und eine Reaktion auf die autoritären staatlichen Maßnahmen.

Hi @zee !

Just found from . The concept of community supported software is new to me and sounds very interesting. Is there a more in depth presentation of the concept? Did you develop a licence for it?

Copper Kills Superbugs

In China, it was called “qi,” the symbol for health. In Egypt it was called “ankh,” the symbol for eternal life. For the Phoenicians, the reference was synonymous with Aphrodite—the goddess of love and beauty.


Erstaunlich, heute hat mein krepeliger Anschluss mehr upload als download:

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stops daily updates

Anybody showing exponential „case curves“ is deceiving or has been deceived: while the number of tests increases exponentially, the test-positive ratio remains relatively constant in all countries examined, irrespective of measures taken.

„C19 deaths“ are defined and reported in a nonsensical and obviously exaggerating way. Doing the same with herpes simplex would yield a 90% mortality. In reality, it is 0%.


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