Someone please let me know where I can find discussion sites on Anarchism, preferably where realistic strategies are discussed, not just rehash of classical textbooks. Places like reddit just don't seem serious enough.

We have just had the first mutual education event in Tokyo, with about 10 people attending. Our topics included a popular (among programmers) math of Category Theory, Computer Programming in general, ブラック企業(shameless shady corporations with bad will 😅) , Capitalism's Illegitimacy and yes, worker cooperatives! Join us and tell your friends, we will probably have another meeting in a month!
I am just an outside observer but Ms. Pelosi's argument seems so poor - instead of more straightforward explanation of why it is not just the amount, she goes and attacks the questioner...

Looks like Mr Trump's own goal? I wonder if he realizes he was only making himself look worse...

If our nominally democratic countries were more participatory, we would all be teaming up to allow exodus from Hong Kong as political refugees.

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My collaborator and I are considering to draft a "set of requirements" for proper software that just does what it says without any string attached. Our idea is that with the proper requirements which would inevitably disqualify all proprietary software and even some open source (unless modified), we can rebuild an entire software ecosystem!

The recent submission of worker coop bill to the Japanese parliament is so historic. Here's the English summary:

I don't know about other countries but I heard this kind of "punishment" is common for whistleblowers in Japan - what a country of sheep and conformists! A municipal government employee has been quarantined in a private office after embarrassing his colleagues by reporting accidental overtaxing!

Having said that though, this could become a pretty good job? 😄

Oh yes I totally agree. Legalized Looting!

Very interesting that people go after the small fish (like shop looters) and don't go after the real deal (rent extraction and state capturing!)

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