Hello world! It's first time using so please be gentle :D

I'm based in northern Poland, hoping to connect with likeminded people in the area and around the world.

I'm into distributed resilient communities for open-source tech advancement, software and hardware. So far it's all on paper, still a noob skill-wise, but slowly getting there.


@dajbelshaw I read the article. In short that means, they give the code to those who buy as an on-premise installation? I would say they have no choice but call that , because web technologies rarely can be distributed as binaries. What does the EULA between Totara and the customer look like? Is the customer allowed to publish the code if they want to?

I see the arguments on how difficult it is to make money with enterprise applications, but questions remain.

@dajbelshaw Totara says "Open source learning technologies to manage, develop and connect your people." Looks good, sounds good, but where is the code? As I found them on , looks like stems from ?

@dajbelshaw Really enjoyed reading your article!

At the university insitute where I work, me and colleagues established a weekly -like three hours event where we come together to learn the way you vote for.

We follow a Bring Your Own Problem approach and use for asynchronous conversation about topics. But the physical presence and helping, sharing and inspiring each other in an informal atmosphere seems to be important for those coming.

@aaron @ntnsndr I'm also interested. Already found the publication mentioned, see mitpress.mit.edu/books/social- Have to get the book from my library.

@urbanohumano Another book on that topic is Raval, S. (2016). Decentralized Applications. Harnessing Bitcoin’s Blockchain Technology (1. Ed.). Sebastopol: O’Reilly. It contains ideas of combining and . It's an early book and probably no longer up to date, but nevertheless inspiring.

2/2 of . My interest for was sparked again after joining , meeting @dajbelshaw here and reading the magazine stirtoaction.com/. I also try to figure out how to develop and not stuff with the and other tech. Looks like the combination with could be a reboot of and the approach.

1/2 Now that I spent one week on this instance it's time for an .

In 2006 I was lucky to meet the union workers of Euzkadi Company, Guadalajara, Mexico, when they visited Hannover, Germany. For me this was a very inspiring experience, as the workers finally succeeded building a sustainable (see full story: ideassonline.org/public/pdf/Co and germanwatch.org/tw/euz06spe.pd). Unfortunately I have no contact any more as I do not speak Spanish.

@beko Das kann ich nachvollziehen. Ich habe mit Windows 3.1 angefangen, bis Windows XP durchgehalten, dann auf Mac gewechselt und bin aus all den Gründen, die Du nennst, vor vier Jahren komplett auf Linux umgestiegen. Ich habe es bisher nicht bereut.

@beko Frage nur aus Neugier: Warum hast Du gewechselt?

@beko Willkommen! Von welchem OS kommste denn her?

Will there be alternative ways of supporting this instance (social.coop) financially besides paying via Stripe? Talking about I feel that I do not want to leave my credit card in that place.


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