Hello world! It's first time using so please be gentle :D

I'm based in northern Poland, hoping to connect with likeminded people in the area and around the world.

I'm into distributed resilient communities for open-source tech advancement, software and hardware. So far it's all on paper, still a noob skill-wise, but slowly getting there.


2/2 of . My interest for was sparked again after joining , meeting @dajbelshaw here and reading the magazine stirtoaction.com/. I also try to figure out how to develop and not stuff with the and other tech. Looks like the combination with could be a reboot of and the approach.

1/2 Now that I spent one week on this instance it's time for an .

In 2006 I was lucky to meet the union workers of Euzkadi Company, Guadalajara, Mexico, when they visited Hannover, Germany. For me this was a very inspiring experience, as the workers finally succeeded building a sustainable (see full story: ideassonline.org/public/pdf/Co and germanwatch.org/tw/euz06spe.pd). Unfortunately I have no contact any more as I do not speak Spanish.

Will there be alternative ways of supporting this instance (social.coop) financially besides paying via Stripe? Talking about I feel that I do not want to leave my credit card in that place.


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