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Oh my goodness (h/t @alcinnz)


"the engineers were indignant about their changes, even as cases of pilot error rolled in."

. . .

"However, they’d swapped the location of the throttle and ejection handles, and while under the stress of being shot at while flying at high altitudes, the pilots were often reverting to earlier, automatic behaviour and inadvertently ejecting themselves from the planes."

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Looking for a powerful Pi-like SoC with dual gigabit NICs and good openssl/openvpn performance (AES hardware acceleration ideally).

Anything, anyone?

[Boosts appreciated]

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civilization^Wthe economy maybe collapsing, but sunshine gardens will keep living on in my sister's basement (for now). expect some scheduled downtime in the next week or two when I move the server.

both my roommate and my spouse lost their jobs recently because of pandemic and we don't have nearly enough donations coming in to cover the hosting costs as a community. if you can please donate on liberapay link is here:


if we can hit that goal we'll be good to go for the foreseeable future with room to grow.
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i'm looking for a remote gig so i can start working towards an off-grid / nomadic lifestyle.

if you don't mind helping me find work here's my cv: https://xj9.io/cvcvcv/

open to feedback on my CV as well :)

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thinking about starting a hosting cooperative. sound interesting to anyone?

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(repeated without the poll for instances that don't support them yet)

if sunshine gardens were to start offering hosting services would you be interested?

first region would be in Utah with planned expansion to PNW and elsewhere as needed.


triton currently only supports intel chips for virtualization, but if this takes off i'd be more than happy to do the work to make smartos work on AMD, POWER, or ARM systems.


oh i get it no poll support here yet it seems

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my (self-hosted) main @xj9@sunshinegardens.org


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