This interview with the author of & has some interesting criticisms of :

"The W3C editors haven’t provided a level playing field and I truly believe the specification is now worthless as a unifying force for the free web. [...] Any opportunity for free web unification using a common stack has probably been lost. Ironically, I believe this was ActivityPub’s primary goal, and that makes the specifications [...] flawed — critically."

HT @strypey

@wu_lee Presumably someday ActivityPub version 2 will come along and fix some of ActivityPub's deficiencies. And surely Eugen will gain experience over time.

Perhaps, @ocdtrekkie - but McGirvin (the Zot author) makes it sound like and aren't in the same category.

"These [zot] features [nomadic identity, decentralised access control] are totally alien to most every other network and service and you can't just create a patch to make them work. It's a completely different way of looking at the world and would take a complete re-write of most projects to realise or make compatible."

@wu_lee Yeah, those are definitely different things, though I am not sure how much I like those things. They add a lot of concerns I think are best avoided.


If you're saying is overcomplex, that might be valid - I wouldn't know.

But wanting to migrate your identity and set privacy settings on that identity's data, surely that *is* valid? Everyone knows how awkward it is to change your email address, which is why people get locked into Yahoo or Hotmail or wherever.

In fact I bet there's a lot of users at wishing for that feature right now:


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