#SocialCoop admin 

@SocialCoop What's our process for managing unused accounts? Do we have one yet?

I've been asked on whether someone can register with us using the @andrew account, which seems to be unused.

I expect we could email the original registrant If it's free I expect we could just allow them to adopt it.

#SocialCoop admin 

@wu_lee @andrew

Seems like some sort of process would be good to have...

#SocialCoop admin 

@SocialCoop @wu_lee

Think an email and if they are happy to give it up its undoubtedly fine.

What to do If they don't respond to the email?

Also what if the account was used a bit?

If they got a lot of followers/follows? Maybe they now using the same name elsewhere? (Could ask what they want)
If the user name is unusual? If somebody passed away?

Possibly best not to allow? Maybe don't need to discuss that now?

P.S. (Hashtags in CWs don't work)

#SocialCoop admin 

@dazinism @wu_lee

seems like a practical solution for the time being!

#SocialCoop admin 

@SocialCoop @dazinism

I needed to send a reminder, but I eventually got a reply....

It just said "No!"

#SocialCoop admin 

@wu_lee @dazinism

Thanks for following up @wu_lee ! Good thing you checked :)

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