dear hackers, why are none of you hacking and deleting student debt records?



You may be interested in these (USA) initiatives to a) hack debt by rebuying it cheap using the terms granted to debt collectors and deleting it, b) fight debt with collective action.


@wu_lee @imani My question is if debt can be sold for cheap, why can't it be sold to the person who owes?

@wu_lee @imani

Debt is sold "cheap" after it has gone "bad", for a lump sum. Raising that lump sum is fiscally impossible for most borrowers that have defaulted on their loans.

Also, to buy your own debt, your creditor must be willing to sell it, and here are incentives to hold onto it forever.

I don't know how the system would avoid the perverse incentive to borrow with no intention to repay, like a donaldtrump, except by tracking individual credit worthiness.

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