Yet another good reason to make sure you're opted out of all Firefox 'studies' and 'experiments' or whatever they're calling them today.

They are not getting better as a company. Somehow these weird, anti-user things just keep happening. Because they're the 'future' apparently.

This is only the future if we continue to tolerate it.

I mean 'a personalized feed of quality content' is just nakedly and obviously 'ads'.

And we've seen what that looks like already.

It looks like Taboola / Outbrain / etc. 'Around The Web' sections.

And it looks like Cambridge Analytica, and the election of Donald Trump, and many more Trumps in the future.

Mozilla, of all companies, KNOW BETTER than this.

But they keep trying to make it happen. Will users tolerate it if it looks like THIS? Or THIS?

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