I've heard it claimed that most judgments of others are based in projection.

Well, I notice myself constantly asserting that almost everyone (even those I disagree with or who seem antagonistic) has the capacity to learn, to be open-minded, are not hopelessly partisan or reactionary, and that we can make progress if we treat one another with compassion and emotional intelligence…

So much of our political complaints actually come from dysfunctional elections. If you want good democracy, help spread the word about


@mray I agree, seatbelts are really for yourself, masks are both (but more for others). But the key is that people once were opposed to seat-belts, but now it's not socially-acceptable to not wear them. I want people to feel that not wearing masks in public is as *transgressive* as not wearing a seat belt.

Other metaphors might work…

Are there memes comparing seat-belts and masks yet?? If not, how do we organize to make some?

@Matt_Noyes Although I'm the main contributor, it's a wiki and a group project. It's by Snowdrift.coop @snowdrift — you can ping and discuss the project directly. Cheers

@Matt_Noyes well, if something is zero-sum, then there's some competition like it or not. The only way to avoid that is somehow not have zero-sum situation.

My vision with crowdmatching @snowdrift (still not fully launched, still pushing forward) is to get past zero-sum by using the matching pledge to encourage more people to donate overall.

Are you talking about voting on who fits the criteria you listed? I'd defer to / recruit experts determining (transparently) who qualifies…

@Matt_Noyes a ranked choice vote? How would that work? Single Transferable Vote (STV)? While there are better and worse ways to tabulate rankings, it's overall a real mess with most people not understanding how instant-runoff and STV discard preferences of some voters.

Some form of score-based voting is far better. STAR Voting for single-winner for sure, probably just a multi-winner variant otherwise.

Loomio doesn't support STAR yet (they should though), but they have plain score.


Naomi Klein on how to use crisis for good instead of letting it turn for the worst (which is a real possibility)

COVID19, panic buying mitigation 

Where else should this get uploaded besides YouTube (use mpv and youtube-dl folks)?

Anyway, it's AMAZING


Discovered natural (downspout on my house!)

@markosaric If we could handle video-hosting, @snowdrift snowdrift.coop would have no 3rd-party requests (homepage video is at archive.org at least totally privacy-respecting)

@strypey @float13

There's various history and forks. I went through the same hesitation and wonders. Then someone who really knows set me straight and I've never regretted it or revisited the mess.

KeepassXC is the way to go, don't bother with the other versions (Keepass 2, KeepassX, etc). Just go with KeepassXC and be happy keepassxc.org

@strypey @float13


works great, and has superb Firefox integration plugin too, I haven't used Android accessory app from F-Droid but that's a thing also

@strypey I do think there's a decently long list of why Sandstorm made sense but wasn't quite the right fit for the situation. Primarily, there's a chicken-or-egg problem with having the tools be downstream, end-user focused. For the whole ecosystem to work, both the meta tools like Sandstorm and the stuff it runs need to *all* be end-user focused *and* adequately funded.

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