I usually haven't been impressed with congressional hearings on tech and so on, but I watched

I knew all the issues already, but I'm surprisingly emotional hearing legislators seem, to me, for the first time to be having an actually informed, coherent discussion pointing actually at the core problems

Oh hrm, but now I don't love her take in opposition to breaking up Facebook. She didn't go far enough. She suggested that disconnecting FB and Instagram would lead to profitable Instagram and FB being underfunded and that being bad because of how FB *is* the internet in many countries. It is tricky issue, but breaking up the company still seems good to me.

I don't know if I will agree with his particular legislative proposals in detail, but Senator Markey's rhetoric is phenomenal. I love that he flat out calls Facebook basically lying manipulative scumbags who profit off of children's vulnerabilities and we won't accept it any longer.

I also have some optimism about not everything behind hopelessly partisan.

Maybe we actually can all agree to work together against a pattern like pro-anorexia messages pushed by algorithms. I heard legislators I disagree with on many things say things that I can wholeheartedly agree with and appreciate.

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