Just listened to early episode teamhuman.fm/episodes/ep-13-ky

Dr. Kyra Gaunt; wonderful discussion; & I agree with *everything* she says.

Incidentally, I disagree with a lot of the tactics and philosophy of much of the "woke" aspects of activists who otherwise join me in agreement with Dr. Gaunt.

There *is* a reasonable place for *agreeing* with all the anti-racist, anti-capitalist, anti-patriarchy views while disagreeing with misguided tactics (a topic too complex for this toot).


I say that because I have a recurring experience where if I *only* say: this social justice activist, I agree with them completely. Period. People assume I also am in lockstep with a certain social-justice groupthink echo-chamber.

And if I say I disagree with the "woke" groupthink echo-chamber, people assume I agree with the opposite side that defends patriarchy and capitalism.

The black-and-white / us-vs-them / polarized perspectives are dead-ends, and I'm not going to take those paths.

@wolftune partly serious, partly humourous: what about when your us-vs-them-ers become a them?

@edsu There's cases where I'm in "us", cases where I'm not in either group but us-vs-them groups still exist, and cases where the groups don't really exist.

In the case of social justice activist issues, I think us-vs-them groups *exist*, that in *many* cases I am indeed part of the "us" group. But I don't pretend that *all* people are in one or the other. Even if I'm in "us" I don't assume all outsiders are "them" even if there *is* a "them" group in question.

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