Google and Facebook are *advertising* businesses.

Apple is not *as* bad because they have a different business model: planned-obsolescence.

@lightweight @wolftune Ads are annoying, but is advertising inherently bad?

TV, radio and magazines have always been supported by advertisement, I don't see why the web shouldn't, especially when nobody can figure out an alternative economic model that would work for most websites.

@codewiz @wolftune I'm pretty sure that a world without ads wouldn't be a worse place.

@lightweight @wolftune Has any jurisdiction ever outlawed ads completely? Would be interesting to see how it would reshape the economy... Some jobs would certainly disappear, but perhaps others would take their place.


@codewiz @lightweight

I didn't say whether outlawing ads would work (it's not politically possible). I just said ads are bad.

Also, jobs aren't an end in themselves. If jobs that produce zero or negative value disappear, that's good and there's no need to replace them. There's more to do in the world than people to do it. Not all of that is a "job" per se. See (Bullshit Jobs by David Graeber)

Anyway, Sao Paulo outlawed *outdoor* ads, and it was great in every way.

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