Inspired by a presentation by @aiscarvalho and @rlafuente, we ask you: supposing these 3 terms describe the same thing, which one would you prefer? #lgm19

[ ] Libre Design
[ ] F/LOSS Design
[ ] Open Source Design

@lgm @aiscarvalho @rlafuente

I really prefer "FLO Design" and of the options presented, I most like "Libre Design"

I don't like "F/LOSS" and I oppose just "open source" though not so dogmatically like some people.

Note that FLO and Libre both imply that the idea that the designs are FLO too, not just that design *software* is FLO.


@lgm @aiscarvalho @rlafuente

Yes, I usually write the full thing as Free/Libre/Open

One discussion of "FLO" in org I'm involved in (though not the sole source of the term, just an org that adopted it):

@lgm @aiscarvalho @rlafuente

To be picky "Free/Libre/Open" implies that we're talking about that set of stuff and values. "Free, Libre, and Open" is more wrong by implying that different things can be each of these 3 or not. Really, they just emphasize different aspects of the same overall concept.

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