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Really great ! thanks for sharing, I didn't knew it whereas I am fond of any LaTeX-for-poor-and-lost-humanists...
There is also a very useful LaTeX-for-SHS-users website and free book there... mainly in French ;-). I wrote my PhD with LaTeX thanks to / because of it. geekographie.maieul.net/LaTeX

I like #LaTeX— I even wrote my diss using it & released a diss template here: github.com/jboynyc/cuny-disser

But it wouldn't be the first (or second, or third) tool I'd direct social science or humanities colleagues towards.

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I can't think of a single colleague who wouldn't be turned off by #LaTeX source or resources talking about "noobs" etc.

The good news is that with #pandoc, it's also not necessary to take on LaTeX.

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And maybe the #Racket ecosystem is also a good alternative. In both cases we still need better tooling/interfaces though.

@_emacsomancer , indeed great resource. Thanks!

@jboy, and what would be the tools you’d think people in the social sciences should learn first and foremost?

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Good question – I think that's a great discussion to have! For most I think reference management & version control are most important, followed by something for document preparation, & finally tools for various kinds of data analysis and dataviz.
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@jboy agreed. It’s funny that version control (the only one I use is Git and it is the friendlier of the ones I know) is the one thing people turn that lost gaze into the horizon the most when I talk about.
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There's worse things than Git, sure, but that's not an argument for it being friendly. Git's jargon and way of working are not that approachable, full of pitfalls and confusion for newcomers.

I've heard Mercurial is friendlier, but the mere fact that it's less popular and less-known is a detraction in practice.

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@wolftune, ok, the less unfriendly :-). I’ve talked earlier in this thread about the idea of creating a text editor that used Git under the hood and someone suggested smth that was similar, iirc, but I haven’t dug it yet.

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Git-backed wikis exist…

Gitit: github.com/jgm/gitit




As long as the markup (markdown usually) includes support for advanced text stuff like footnotes and so on (Gitit uses Pandoc which has all that for example)

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