there's probably some super secret elf shit going on in the woods right now and we would never know because elfs are so quiet

Check in with yourself a few times each day and take a moment to process your thoughts and emotions. Don’t let them build up.

So far my Mastodon follows are in two distinct groups:

- Very earnest, serious people who want to put aside the nonsense of other websites and build a new kind of community.

- Absolutely unchained shitposters who want to post photos of their ass and tweet "B O R G E R" without being told not to

Fun, on-brand little podcast episode I did last week. Anarchists should be starting businesses and pirate crews to fund/accelerate the revolution and reconstruction of society. Also One Piece is the greatest work of anti-authoritarian literature in human history.

if there's drama can I request it stop? please consider this kindly..

prefab sprout is radiohead but for well-adjusted people

🌨️ 🌨️ 🌨️🌨️

🌾🌾🌾 🌾 🐝
🌾 🌾 πŸ¦‹
🌾🌾 🌾

Lol was there drama on here help catch me up

Contempt is toxic to communities.

Possible indicators of contempt include:
- Referring to people by terms with which they don't self-identify.
- Generalizations about any group of people.
- Demanding to be heard without being willing to listen.
- Dismissiveness.

So for a healthy community: avoid labeling people; address specific behaviors and circumstances rather than stereotypes and generalizations; expect conversations to be two-way; and try to understand other perspectives.

boost if you're fuckibg tired all the damn time

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awoo! hello #fediverse. we are a the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee, as the name describes, an incarcerated member led section of the #IWW, a revolutionary union.

Our presence here is an experiment of sorts. We hope our time translates to getting us closer to freedom for our caged members and ultimately, #prisonabolition

We're in the midst of a nationwide (and Canada too) #prisonstrike

Learn more at

@hasya23 cryptids and ghosties are aliens. cryptids escaped from their zoos. ghosts are faulty hologram transmissions or temporal static.

The struggle to cultivate real human intimacy continues.

Sometimes I step into the shower when the waters too cold and then I’m stuck there till the water heats up... one foot in and one foot out bc I don’t want to get the floor or the towel on the floor cold and wet smh

i hate this Brocialized Medicine compromise we've arrived at. sometime I feel like no matter what is say to my doctor, he's just gonna write me a prescription for Natty Light and tell me to make sure i catch the game on Sunday.

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