The left needs to stop snitchjacketing survivors.

The sooner we accept that it's not a matter of IF but a matter of WHEN one (or more!) of our comrades has been abusing other comrades the sooner this shit will stop destabilizing our communities.

It is our responsibility as leftists to be cultivating resilience and resourcing ourselves to look at abuse without pointing the finger at survivors for speaking up.

It is not call outs that destroy communities- it's abuse.


When abuse is exposed, it only "destroys communities" because the community was a toxic system in the first place. But if we take them as an opportunity to define our values- both personally and as a community, exposure of abuse actually presents a huge opportunity for growth: for making choices together that uphold values of personal autonomy, lives free from violence and coercion, and ever evolving efforts to become the kind of people who know how to share power well.

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