The left needs to stop snitchjacketing survivors.

The sooner we accept that it's not a matter of IF but a matter of WHEN one (or more!) of our comrades has been abusing other comrades the sooner this shit will stop destabilizing our communities.

It is our responsibility as leftists to be cultivating resilience and resourcing ourselves to look at abuse without pointing the finger at survivors for speaking up.

It is not call outs that destroy communities- it's abuse.


Some therapy history: Bowen's family system theory looks at this in the context of family dynamics. In a toxic family system people are expected to play out "roles" with very little flexibility for growth or change. This keeps things "stable" but it also makes dynamics fragile, because the only thing standing between cohesion and collapse is that all participants agree to two things: to stay in their role, and to stay silent about the abuse going on under the surface.

A dynamic system has the capacity to hold space for change. Change threatens the stability of the group. But it also can't be suppressed without compromising the growth, integrity, and freedom of its members. This is true in families, in partnerships, and it's true in communities too.

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