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Met the folks creating last night! They were super nice. Had some really good conversations with them. I hadn't realized that the project is 100% .

#Romania: first licences for community radios

For the first time in Romania, two community radio station licenses have being ssued in the framework of the European project #GrassrootWavelengths '

''The project will create two community prototype stations each in Portugal, Ireland, and Romania, with the aim of building regional decentralized networks, connected to European and international journalism and information.''

I :anarchoheart1: #radio

Thinking of proposing that the WMF host a Mastodon instance, or at least allow one to be hosted. Maybe Thoughts?

@brion @legoktm

We have servers run by MIT, CCC, Pixiv, Dwango, La Quadrature and various pirate parties. We need more stuff like that. Imagine a Wikimedia server. Or Canonical.

@dansup When you take VC, you sell the company. No ifs, no buts. We keep getting surprised as the sale usually just takes several years to complete. C’est la “exit”.

This is why VC investment is incompatible with sustainable businesses with social missions. And why I keep harping on about how we must support projects that benefit the commons from the commons (

@Gargron @osoitz maaan I feel like I have changed my mind about those terms every single day for the last 8 years. Maybe we need to push for "Libre" so it becomes part of the English language. "Free" will _always_ be confusing as it can be taken as is, whereas people who see "Libre" for the first time will need to investigate rather than just going with the first definition thy can think of. Maybe now is a good time, given the visibility LibreOffice is giving it.

Kind of ironic that the Github CEO signs off his blog post announcing Microsoft's acquisition using his nickname: @defunkt.

I mean, if that's not a death certificate, what is?

Oh you know, searching through 20 years of CSS, JavaScript, HTML and source code for hard coded http URLs.

Today's news of Microsoft purchasing Github pushed my butt into gear. Set up a self-hosted instance in 20 mins or so. Works perfectly, painless transition thus far.

only exists as it does today because it is susceptible to future capture by capital. Its freedom is predicated on future value. As pointed out ages ago, decentralization, GPL, and relentless copying are forks off of this path. There are others as well.

First thoughts on , ditch the reCaptcha, no one wants that Google stuff.

It's absolutely essential that the Copyright Office extend the jailbreaking exemption to cover smart speakers, as we asked them to this year.

You should be able to replace software you don't trust with an alternative that respects your rights.

The hashtag resist narrative of things having been great before Trump was elected and now things are horrible and we should get rid of Trump to return to how things were before is effectively a liberal version of MAGA and just as racist. America was never great and never can be.

Interactive Map Shows the Seizure of Over 1.5 Billion Acres of Native American Land Between 1776 and 1887

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<<signs you may be living in a dystopia

- there are ceo's with fan clubs
- there are entertainment shows on tv where debt collectors chase down poor people
- you struggle to tell whether or not an article is an advertisement for a product
- armies make memes on social networks>>

<<signs you may be living in a non-ideal system

- there are ceo's
- there are debt collectors
- there are advertisements
- there are armies>>

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