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First thoughts on , ditch the reCaptcha, no one wants that Google stuff.

It's absolutely essential that the Copyright Office extend the jailbreaking exemption to cover smart speakers, as we asked them to this year.

You should be able to replace software you don't trust with an alternative that respects your rights.

The hashtag resist narrative of things having been great before Trump was elected and now things are horrible and we should get rid of Trump to return to how things were before is effectively a liberal version of MAGA and just as racist. America was never great and never can be.

Interactive Map Shows the Seizure of Over 1.5 Billion Acres of Native American Land Between 1776 and 1887

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<<signs you may be living in a dystopia

- there are ceo's with fan clubs
- there are entertainment shows on tv where debt collectors chase down poor people
- you struggle to tell whether or not an article is an advertisement for a product
- armies make memes on social networks>>

<<signs you may be living in a non-ideal system

- there are ceo's
- there are debt collectors
- there are advertisements
- there are armies>>

An unusual random number generator would be if you're able to extract the position of water drops on the windshield of this train as it travels across Norway.

As twitter and Whatsapp ban users under the age of 16: Does that give us an oppurtunity to get a bigger mastodon community?

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my vision (personally) for lists is to have them on the sidebar in Pleroma FE, so you can choose them as if they were any other type of timeline. should be easy to code.

@deadsuperhero why not interview that former diaspora community manager?

@bhtooefr @djsundog side note, who remembers the .mobi TLD and said mobile web


Does this sound like a fair enough warning? (Goal: Clarity but avoid FUD)

⚠ The security vulnerability on discovered in rc1 and rc2 have been patched, in verson 2.4.0rc3 ⚠ UPDATE ASAP

⚠ If you've run 2.3.3+master you may be affected too (since the 27th of march)

⭐ 2.3.3 and other previous stable versions are SAFE, and not affected by it.

#Mastodon #SecurityVuln

(updated toot with additional info, read full info inside the release on github)

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