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sorry I haven't been using you oh little coop. all the followers build up on one instance and then it has so much more incentive to use it.

> Anarchism used to be bursting with utopian imagination. We need to get that visionary impulse back, and then get it to work creating things.

One thing I feel is a big contributor to burnout is being too focused on the "anti" aspect of left struggle. Being anti-capitalist, anti-racist, etc. Obviously, being those things is good, but defining yourself too heavily by being the antithesis of the status quo is an exhausting endeavor. Try to direct more energy to the post-capital restructuring, and anchor yourself on what you believe in as well. Universal access to material security, education, healthcare, etc. A better world is coming!

@Stoori I hope ActivityPub gets popular enough that some pub is desperate enough to try. In kazakhstan there werw lots of bars named things like KzFaceBook Bar using fake facebook branding

Hey social coop are doing alright?

@bhaugen @vmatekole thanks yes I’d love to. I’ll report back :) is looking for volunteers for its admin ops team:

I think it will be an opportunity to meet and collaborate with other co-op members as well as learn how platform cooperatives work at a very practical level. See you there?

I didn't realize you (@vmatekole) are in Berlin till I just saw your post about running a cafe here. Would love to come check out your cafe. I was looking through the Loomio cause I was wondering what was going on with the tech ops team thing and then realized I hadn't interacted with you over here in the fediverse yet. are there other folks in you know of?

would be willing to pay someone to install Pleroma for me for a custom instance linked to my domain if anyone is familiar with that process

@mayel @lynnfoster @bernini @bhaugen I did encourage them to join but maybe we can reach out and specifically offer them to join I think they would be down if there was some motivation.

@mayel they expressed being overextended. the company is 4 people...

@mayel @bernini @lynnfoster @bhaugen they said they could really use help with stuff and to please open issues about federation stuff. Also I requested RSS and they said they would totally add it if there was interest but that no one has asked them for it before...

We're looking for awesome #decentralization proposals for #MozFest2018! Submit ideas here: RT for exposure!

Is there someone who could help @gnome with the #paypal API? Something is wrong with our donations page and we need help diagnosing it.

@mayel they said no one has yet attempted to but they would be happy if someone did. They also seemed to be totally down for federation / and sounded like if someone wanted to work on that and submit a patch they would be all for it! (though they said they don't have the resources currently to work on it themselves)

#OpenStreetMap Mastodon instance.


'Let's ditch twitter for something open, and under our control! No adverts, no analytics, no "algorithmic" promoted tweets. 500 characters! Let's use mapstodon instead!'


Français :

Met the folks creating last night! They were super nice. Had some really good conversations with them. I hadn't realized that the project is 100% .

#Romania: first licences for community radios

For the first time in Romania, two community radio station licenses have being ssued in the framework of the European project #GrassrootWavelengths '

''The project will create two community prototype stations each in Portugal, Ireland, and Romania, with the aim of building regional decentralized networks, connected to European and international journalism and information.''

I :anarchoheart1: #radio