Met the folks creating last night! They were super nice. Had some really good conversations with them. I hadn't realized that the project is 100% .

@wakest Is anyone hosting other instances of it though, or are they ready to faciliate that?

@mayel they said no one has yet attempted to but they would be happy if someone did. They also seemed to be totally down for federation / and sounded like if someone wanted to work on that and submit a patch they would be all for it! (though they said they don't have the resources currently to work on it themselves)

@wakest That's great to hear!
I had assumed that they fell in the category of platforms or SaaS that are "open source" but don't actually want people to roll their own, which comes across in lack of code and deployment documentation. But sometimes it's just lack of time I'm sure...

@mayel they expressed being overextended. the company is 4 people...

@mayel @bernini @lynnfoster @bhaugen they said they could really use help with stuff and to please open issues about federation stuff. Also I requested RSS and they said they would totally add it if there was interest but that no one has asked them for it before...

@wakest @lynnfoster @bernini @mayel

Some of the people in SSB are connected, and SSB is using . Anybody here? If not, we could discuss in SSB.

@bhaugen @bernini @lynnfoster

Not that I know of. Alanna published a piece a while back for their blog, but don't think she signed up:

@wakest Did you invite them to join?

@mayel @lynnfoster @bernini @bhaugen I did encourage them to join but maybe we can reach out and specifically offer them to join I think they would be down if there was some motivation.

@wakest @bernini @lynnfoster @mayel

Some of us have reasons to want to use more than one communication channel. Others have other work to do. Lynn is one of the people who is very resistant to yet another channel.

@bhaugen @lynnfoster @bernini @wakest

I completely understand! Hence the importance of choosing interoperable/federated channels whenever possible, so we can combat the fatigue of switching/adding platforms.

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