Greetings all, I'm wondering if there any Digital marketers/PR persons here on who have tested strategies that do not require the use of the aptly named Siren servers. My wife and I launched a Community Café in the district we live in and is one of the most deprived in Berlin. We have a number of long-term goals for it, one being the conversion to a cooperative to ensure it remains a community asset in the future.

As I said we wish to promote the space sans Facebook, etc, so any thoughts musings are welcome. More details can be found here —

@vmatekole The webpage and the pictures look really great! :) I definitely will checkout the place soon!
Just one tiny thing: I don't know much about your Kiez, but for a community hub the prices for the food seem rather pricy. Do you also have some cheap options for people who want to come regularly there and don't have much money? That would be truly great!
In any case I wish you the very best! 😄

@jonas What you see now were on average 30% lower a few days ago, we were at rock bottom — cheaper than most in the area. Unfortunately, the community didn't respond in the same kindness — we didn't have the volume of customers, over a 6mth period.

@jonas Gastronmie is a business with very low profit margins, I am amazed anyone makes money in this business and more surprised why anyone would start one knowing what it takes. If we survive the length of time we have given ourselves before handing this business to the community, it would be an amazing accomplishment.

@vmatekole I wish you the very best! Btw: do you also have WiFi at your place? 😊

@vmatekole The café will presumably primarily serve a local market, so I'd probably focus on an offline strategy (local media coverage, leaflets, reviews, affiliation with other venues and organisations in the city with shared values), and maybe look at making the most of online sites that will be highly relevant to your target audience?

@Graham_Mitchell Thanks, it is a strategy we're already using, although we have yet to identify local online resources yet... Just a matter of time, we're a very small team.

@vmatekole The café looks great, by the way. You've clearly been very busy.

@vmatekole It looks like a wonderful cafe. Good luck with it!

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