I just wrote the most elegant and well-structured Bash script I have ever produced but it's for a server at work and I can't share it.

Trust me, it's a thing of beauty. If you saw it you would weep with joy.


@mike My programming skills consist of bash scripting and (x)html. So I'm sure I probably would cry but maybe not for the reason you think.

PS I understand that neither of those probably count as programming. But it's the closest I get.

@uxintro see, I never have, and still don't, consider myself a programmer. I hack things up in Bash mainly, and do other stuff - I've probably done more with Python than anything else, and after 25 years of this shit you pick up a thing or two about structure as you see patterns recurring and you make enough mistakes.

Just realised also I've been rewriting a bunch of stuff in C++ recently too.

I'm still not a programmer though.


@mike Probably won't mean anything to you but in I'd call you a programanto (one who is programming) rather than a programisto (one who programs professionally or habitually)

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