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The Open Data Institute toolbox, a collection of free tools that help to create an integrated ecosystem for open data

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If you already know that you will be joining the Glocal Camp please fill the registration form here >>>

What's Wrong With Open Source Telegram? Well... Telegram server is not open source.

"...the Telegram API allows you to work with their data only. In other words, it’s impossible to store your data on a separate server or a database. The API will let you create an app that interacts with the Telegram messaging app, but this app won't be able to live a life of its own."

Mirate este video y descubre toda la magia de los encuentros presenciales de @civicwise > Te esperamos en próximo @GlocalCamp ( en Canarias ;-)

Asistiendo a las jornadas de presentación de los proyectos promovidos por la Cátedra de Gobierno Abierto de Valencia

huge level today with our session > Discover more about wath people from @civicwise is doing ;-)

I would like to invite you to join us today at 19.00 (cet) live on youtube to the first session of and know what civicwisers are doing!

Using #dropbox, #office365 and #Salesforce?
Go #opensource and stay in full control of all your company data. @Nextclouders for file sync and share, @CollaboraOffice for online office functionality, and of course @SuiteCRM for customer relationship management! #nextcloud

"Debemos dibujar escenarios futuros (en vez de intentar predecirlos) para explorar alternativas" by @miriamlandlab

Descubre la interesante sorprendente mirada que Miriam García tiene sobre Metamorfosis Sintética de la Naturaleza

c @Thinkcommons

I've just discovered @HackingWithCare:

"As a collective we imagine, circulate, put in common resources and tools for care, according to hacker/p2p ethics."

Very inspiring meeting point of tech and humanistic approaches, of hacker and care ethics.

Take a look at its wiki:

Escribo desde un tren con destino Bologna. Acaba de terminar un mini tour italiano participando en dos eventos. Uno en Modena y otro en Venecia. Ambos co-organizados por CivicWise y enfocados a la reflexión sobre
modenese Amigdala enfocado a reflexionar sobre .
Me he encontrado con mucha energía y ganas de hacer cosas. Me alegra por fin "respirar" este ambiente en Italia.

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