What is your favourite Documentary? What is about?

@urbanohumano Probably not my favourite, but "No Man Shall Protect Us" is a very good documentary about the suffragettes:

It makes me extremely sad that most people don't know much about them 😢

Another excellent documentary is Catfish, about a young man that meets a woman online and they start a relationship. It's very interesting and surprising, but I cannot tell you more. Otherwise I'll spoil it 😞

@urbanohumano 1. The White Diamond (Werner Herzog), about a scientist who wants to study the tropical canopy in a balloon.

2.The Emperor's Naked Army Marches On, about a Japanese veteran who wants to find the truth about two soldiers who died in New Guinea, and who has some... unconventional interview techniques.

3. The Barkley Marathons, about a crazy running race in the US. It's on Netflix and is maybe my favorite of these three.

@urbanohumano It's not exactly my favorite, but for today specifically, I'd recommend "The Internet's Own Boy" about Aaron Swartz

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