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Do you meet the following criteria?

✔️ Educator
✔️ Can be in London, England on Thursday 24th May
✔️ Interested in testing out MoodleNet prototypes

If so, get in touch! (we'll compensate you for your time)

(please boost to reach corners of the Fediverse I haven't yet explored!)

We’re excited to announce that nearly three years after the introduction of the Fairphone 2, we’re not releasing a new model just yet ➡️
#WeAreFairphone #FairnessForLonger

Big exciting stuff: @CobaltVelvet of hosting service needs to share the workload, is interested in making it a cooperative/transferring responsibility to us!

Share thoughts:

There is also a planned group chat, weigh in on what time is best for you:

If you are not a member but would be interested in joining a co-op tech team, consider getting involved! Please boost for visibility~

I have Ubuntu 18.04. One big increase in my quality of life is that I can make Zim's spell check work.

Hey everyone, Moodle is looking for a Technical Architect to assist me on the MoodleNet project I'm leading.

I'd like to encourage applications from far and wide, so please consider applying.

Note that need to be within five hours of UK time - or be willing to shift your hours to accommodate.

Please boost, so that awesome, suitably-qualified people on Mastodon and the wider Fediverse see this opportunity!

I want to practice Spanish. What are good podcasts?

Quiero practicar español. ¿Qué son buenos podcasts?

What should I follow for technology related news and events in Dublin?

Fresh pot of coffee, Bach, Vim full screen.

Also, if something is CC-BY on Flickr, I'm assuming that I have attributed it if I include a link. I hope that's right.

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I'm finding it surprisingly difficult to put a CC-BY image on my slides/handouts. When I include PNGs as images through Pandoc they are big and fuzzy, especially on Beamer slides. Neither the EPS or SVG works when making PDFs with Pandoc. (Except that it did work with one slide deck for a reason that I haven't discovered.)

I'm assuming that if I have the text and no image the legal status is the same, so maybe this isn't worth thinking too hard about.

General call out to folks. We're starting a History and Philosophy of Science reading group. We will read the first chapter of and we will meet on and we will meet in

All who have done the reading are welcome, spread the call. No RSVP needed.

I had to towel dry the cat. He seemed to like it.

I edited for the first time, to add a great coffee shop in Dún Laoghaire.

Anybody know of a pod with aims/goals/ethics similar to ? Looking to ditch entirely and wanna find a good pod to call home.

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