I think that I had a good system for taking notes when I was a (grad) student. Now I find that I need to access things that I read longer ago, and make connections among more things. This might be a result of working on projects for longer. I've definitely read advice on note taking for a specific course or paper, but I don't think that I know of any for a life long research project like 'understand how language works'.

@twsh What was your notes-taking system, as a grad student? :3

@kellerfuchs I had a notebook for when I was reading and a text file for planning each paper I wrote. It was nice and simple but doesn't work when the paper notes are from years ago and I've forgotten the context.

@twsh Hey. Thanks, I did something similar during my PhD, and I've been looking for something better because of the same limitations: it doesn't work too well when you have longer-running projects :3

@kellerfuchs Right. And I feel that having access to a computer ought to make it better somehow, but I don't quite know how.

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