Joe Rogan just endorsed my "MILF" post. I do not accept it. But I will not denounce it

Hello, I am currently experimenting with a blog that compiles together high-quality/effort content on the FediVerse to make it easier for creators and viewers to connect.

If you would like to suggest your own or someone else's content, please shoot me a DM.

Is it okay to want both the cathedral and the bazaar?

The only person who got arrested for #wannacry (the #nsa and #microsoft crafting back doors for all #windows versions) was the person who stopped it, #malwaretech

Tired: webmaster
Wired: webmistress
Galaxy brain: DOM domme

automating your dev workflow makes you feel invincible and is probably a legit form of self-care

I took a shared Lyft to the airport. A security employee got in partway there, doing his best “fighting against Antifa with tactical gear” cosplay. Every time I glanced at his phone he was looking at pictures of anime girls. I swear that I’m not making this up.

Piketty’s Capital comes to the big screen, urging us to make the world less terrible | The Spinoff The film does a brisk job of compressing two hundred years of global economic history into a hundred-odd minutes while communicating Piketty’s thesis. 

Capitalism as we know it is over

These are the pathways that keep us under already catastrophic 2°

Our system of exploitation & short-termism will never achieve the precipitous drop needed

Under our current system emissions are still rising

Capitalism cannot even achieve a leveling off of emissions - and that is the easiest part

Regulations & incentives are already failing: the inherent incentives of the capitalism will always empower those who cheat and game the system

The question is just what comes next:
A more equitable world for all
Or fascist corporate feudalism


"If we don't protect nature we can't protect ourselves" - Harrison Fords powerful call to #ActNow:

Let's roll up our sleeves and together fight for the only home we'll ever have ✊🌍


If you run your own #Nextcloud server, answer this:

Do you have a distributed, #encrypted, automatic, offsite, free #backup solution?

How amazing would it be to install a Nextcloud app and automatically have all your data encrypted, backed up around the world, on other Nextcloud installs rather than some mega-corp, for no cost beyond sharing some of your unused storage space?

Please help make this happen, by boosting and supporting this issue now:


I've been thinking a lot about spheres of "value logic" whilst reading doughnut economics book. Something like this, in order of proximity to oneself:

Friends/family freeconomy → managed commons → state → market

Capitalism seems to like to move things from left to right, in general I'd like to move things from right to left.

The further left, the more non-monetary benefits seem to emerge. Like community. And enjoyment. Very effective if you calculated full value to people.

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