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The residents of one of Oakland’s largest encampments have been organizing to stop evictions and build a more stable neighborhood where they already live. I followed along for a year of the process and wrote about it for @thebafflermag.

A big thank you to Jason Wiener and his team for creating (and offering for free!) their online course, Community Enterprise Legal Design.

It has a variety of resources to help develop and other multi-stakeholder and community-oriented enterprise models.

Four female students died in a nightmarish stampede at Potosí's Tomás Frías University after a gas grenade was set off during an indoor meeting to convene university federation elections.

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Also, Jessica T. Simes' @jt_simes Punishing Places: The Geography of Mass Imprisonment

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Incredibly interesting PAX research, showing that existing tools to report civilian harm in conflict fail in three key ways; they are not designed to be used by civilians, they are not sufficiently promoted, and they contribute little to tracking and response efforts.

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This is an incredible story. It’s also an illustration of we are all headed

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It’s confederate Memorial Day today. So don’t forget to look at this list of neo confederates who enjoy salaries funded by your taxpayer dollars!

When I criticize a system, they think I criticize them – and that is of course because they fully accept the system and identify themselves with it.

~Thomas Merton

I see an article detailing how building housing has decreased rents in Minneapolis.

I see that it was written by a landlord.

I close the article.

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"we are sure this crazy, colorful film will surprise and delight audiences worldwide.”

I AM JUST!!!! Totally depraved that they can't see how TRAGIC this is from beginning to end, for EVERY PERSON INVOLVED.

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"Mormons! Innately murderous, basically + also it's hilarious when they get raped because they're a bunch of virgins who need to loosen up." - Hollywood, I guess?

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This is a quote from that Tim Kirkby, "It is a pleasure to roll around in the world of our anti-heroine Joyce McKinney.”

Joyce McKinney is a girlboss because she raped a Mormon missionary. Okay! Um!

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Joyce McKinney+Keith May kidnapped Anderson, chained him and McKinney raped him, repeatedly. She stalked him for years. In 2019, she was living in her car when she killed a Holocaust survivor in a hit+run. What part of this is funny. The Mormon part?

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Filing in my "white men bureaucrats pointing at maps" collection

For feminist agroecologies

English, French and Spanish versions also with Portugese and Dutch subtitles

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🚨NEW BLOG POST🚨: Should we be more like the Luddites?:

In this post, @dankrutka reflects on an Inquiry Design Model lesson after watching season 2 of Upload and reading @libshipwreck's most recent Luddite blog post.
We dedicate this post to the moms.

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