“A child, more than anyone else, is a spontaneous observer of nature.” —Maria Montessori

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Activision Blizzard is union-busting in the middle of the union election by Raven Software game testers.

They've fired 12 team members, transferred others to different departments, and are now threatening promotions and benefits.

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One easy way to take back our humanity from billionaires is to stop using corporate social media.

Twitter ➡️ joinmastodon.org
Instagram ➡️ pixelfed.org
YouTube ➡️ joinpeertube.org
Medium ➡️ writefreely.org

And many more: fediverse.info

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Filing in my "white men bureaucrats pointing at maps" collection

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🚨NEW BLOG POST🚨: Should we be more like the Luddites?: civicsoftechnology.org/blog/sh

In this post, @dankrutka reflects on an Inquiry Design Model lesson after watching season 2 of Upload and reading @libshipwreck's most recent Luddite blog post.
We dedicate this post to the moms.

sounds incredible!
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Dream Lab, the training institute hosted by @PennPriceLab is a little more than a month away but there is still time to sign up! Here is a thread about all the amazing classes running this summer.

it's time for a @PhyloPic plugin for @powerpoint
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tomorrow i will figure this out & also all the tables/figures i need for this coyote mesopredator paper twitter.com/am_anatiala/status

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I have been asked if working in retail makes me qualified enough to be in Parliament.

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David Lindsay and Teresa Gomez announce a new project called "Honoring Utah Lake" that will collect histories, pictures, videos, and landmarks about the lake.

The information will be compiled into an online portal to encourage exploration and appreciation. @byu_hbll @BYU

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