Any recommendations for free and open source software that is especially useful for groups to reduce dependence on big corporate platforms? A colleague at Sustainable Economies Law Center ( is helping mutual aid groups and looking for suggestions. Thank you in advance!

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Colleague, mentor, and friend, Dr. Jessica Gordon Nembhard has been sued by a former member of the cooperative community. She is the author of Collective Courage: A History of African American Cooperative Economic Thought and Practice. Even a baseless lawsuit inflicts great harm. Please donate to defray her substantial legal expenses.

And please pass the link.

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At the end of the day, the phone in your pocket, whether it’s a #Fairphone or not, is going to follow a simple law of nature: the longer you use it, the more lightly it will have stepped upon the Earth. So, this #InternationalEwaste day, fix & celebrate what you already own. 🌍

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People are dying from poverty and lack of education in the shadow of Harvard University - right outside the gates:
In its most recent financial report, released 10/14/21, it also reported a 33.6 percent return on its endowment, which has now grown to $53.2 billion. (Boston Globe)

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Let's see if this works (posted on FB):

I am turning 60 on Monday, so I'd like to use the occasion to raise some money to help out a few of the grassroots movements for social transformation that I support and encourage people to try out a cooperative alternative to GAFAM. So,

Option A: make a donation to Labor Notes (, GEO (, or OFN (

Option B: join Social.Coop and sign up for a free Meet.Coop acct.

Option C: Both!"

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To improve my mental state, I printed out some photos of places I've been over the years.

I then picked the best 8 that gave me the sense of deep peace/warmth/joy.

This feeling is my memory of the state I was in when I took the photo, not the photo itself, so you get to have your own unique experience when looking at them, but maybe they bring you a something also nice.

Here there are! 1/2

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From birbsite 


History is unfolding right now in Alabama.

A Black women-led group of Amazon warehouse workers is on the verge of organizing the company's first U.S. union.

If they win, it could reshape the lives of hundreds of thousands of Amazon workers.


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today's #blackhistorymonth spotlight is on comrade Fred Moten, one of the foremost theorists of blackness of our time and a dazzling poet

Is there a lot of overlap between the worlds of democratic socialist organizing (e.g., Democratic Socialists Of America) and worker cooperative development and advocacy? If yes, are there people or orgs who do both (esp in the United States)? If not, why not?

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Just donated to @riseup

feels good to support movement tech

😊 ✊

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Movie Night on - Tuesday January
26th at 7pm ET - Please pass it on!

Title: "When white supremacists overthrew a government" - The hidden
history of an American coup in 1898. (12 mins.)

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Airbnb has just announced that it is setting up:

* an advisory board of host-users to the execs
* an endowment of company stock for host-user advised distribution h/t @MannanMorshed

There are some things to say about this. Small but significant.

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Trump didn't start new wars directly. But he invited Turkey to invade and destroy the fledgling feminist cooperative economy development among the US's military allies against ISIS. This is heartbreaking.

I found a Danish TV show that doesn’t have English . I really want to share it with English-speaking friends. Is there any way to put my own subtitles over the existing video? Would be grateful for any suggestions.

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Saw Van Jones cry on TV. I understand that feeling of release. Four long years of stress. Of course, Trump's loss does not mean the end of the age of exploitation, but it is a joy to see him lose.

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uspol, green new deal 

Sunrise is organizing a planning meeting tonight. We might not take the Senate but the #greennewdeal is still alive. Join at 9pm ET.

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