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This post by John Gruber (citing Dave Winer) about why Facebook is so problematic, is great:


Not unexpected, but still a disaster.

BBC News - Trump 'poised to quit Paris climate deal' bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-4

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New research on how kids from lower socio-economic status communities think about digital privacy. I’m not surprised these kids have a much more nuanced and powerful understanding of privacy than most in tech. They think of the lack of digital privacy as structural discrimination which is a far more powerful framework than the individual responsibility model everyone else uses. journals.sagepub.com/eprint/x5 (open access!)

This looks like an interesting alternative to traditional peer review. Wonder if it could be made to work in the peercommunityin.org/

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Jan-Werner Müller has a good piece in the NY review of books concerning the situation around the in . It's pretty depressing, to say the least. nybooks.com/daily/2017/05/20/h

"All of us, when we are uploading something, when we are tagging people, when we are commenting, we are basically working for Facebook".


By the way, if there are any humanities academics here that use .edu or , have a look at Humanities Commons (hcommons.org). Not exactly a coop but non-profit and run by scholars, thus much less subject to the inherent conflicts of interest than the commercial academic social networking platforms.