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Open Assistant from Andrew Vavrek: a decentralized open source personal assistant.

It is able to engage in conversations and complete an increasing amount of tasks using vocal commands.

So... Into a demo of "Stella", indeed a free and open source virtual assistant aimed at everyone!

--> openassistant.org
#OpenAssistant #voice #AI #Stella #Linux #OpenSource #Vavrek #Arch

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Hear Hours of Lectures by Michel Foucault: Recorded in English & French Between 1961 and 1983 bit.ly/2rVZ6fo t.co/ej2L5YA4GB

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Frieder Vogelmann's "The Spell of Responsibility" is finally available in English translation - highly recommended! rowmaninternational.com/book/t

Reading Material for today: Axel , "Is there an emancipatory interest? An attempt to answer critical theory's most fundamental question" onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10

A nice new resource for philosophers: The Paperboy | Stay updated on the latest t.co/aoXsrIPyZC

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Casual reminder that #Mastodon is free, open source software, development of which is crowdfunded through Patreon: patreon.com/mastodon

If you care less about development, consider supporting your local instance admin instead (in case of mastodon.social that's still me and link above, YMMV)

List of #Mastodon sponsors: github.com/tootsuite/documenta

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How Martin Luther King, Jr. Used Hegel, Kant & Nietzsche to Overturn Segregation in America goo.gl/Tzia7v t.co/qwxKiecdcV

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Sigmund Freud Appears in Rare, Surviving Video & Audio Recorded During the 1930s. He died on this day in 1939.… twitter.com/i/web/status/91177

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Need 300k votes for a refurendum against the sleepwet. Sign up! sleepwet.nl/

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New #SocialCoop members! Show more

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A super-interesting new article by Robin Celikates: "Critique and resistance: Ethical, social‐theoretical, political? On Fabian Freyenhagen's Adorno's Practical Philosophy"
onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10 social.coop/media/UOga7DUhHKxX

@wrenpile If you're in EU, you might have legal right to see info connected to your name. But Irish data protection officer does not sanction their non-compliance with this. See (German text)

"Facebook users should pay attention: When you tag a friend in a photo, that’s feeding a massive facial recognition dataset"