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Last night I started daydreaming about what a with "plugins" for coopified versions of services like ride and homesharing could look like...

I can't go to the platform coop conference, but are there folks who are trying to build a prototype? I was specifically thinking about how to blend federation with ease of use across tools. To me, a single account for many services feels ideal and convenient. Are there ways to do this on systems?

@aaron Ha ha! I spent about 12 months with a group trying to design the One Platform to Unite Them All which has now broken into a different people trying to make different things.

The plugin/modular/federated way is definitely better, but then you run into the issue of standards.

@douginamug See, I knew this would be the place to ask about this :)

So if the federated way is the way to go, are there ideas about how the average person could use this constellation of services without having a million different accounts and membership fees?

Would also love to hear about the challenges of building something like that. Did the divide come down to technical differences, ideological ones, or both?

@aaron @douginamug @mattcropp @ntnsndr I've been thinking about these kind of topics quite a bit, have a few ideas would like to explore more at some point!

@mayel @mattcropp @douginamug @aaron say more, Mayel! What have you been thinking? What do you think is the next step for social.coop?

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